Viaero Wireless testing LTE service after Verizon rolls out XLTE in rural markets.

Employees at the regional carrier Viaero Wireless have confirmed to me that the network is either currently testing or soon will be testing LTE service, initially in the Colorado market.

I had previously speculated that the carrier might make such a move after moving to kill unlimited data, but ultimately dismissed it. However, with Verizon already nearing completion of its XLTE rollout, (XLTE is essentially LTE using separate frequencies for uplink and downlink), Viaero had everything to lose and nothing to gain by remaining on an outdated system. After all, Viaero only complete the move from 2G to 4G last year. For perspective, AT&T was already implementing 4G when the iPhone 3GS was launched around 6 years again, and Android and Windows Phone flagships were supporting LTE more often than not by 2012, with Apple waiting until the iPhone 5 to add an LTE radio to its fruit phones.

Viaero will likely add LTE service to cities and large towns first, to alleviate congestion of the 4G GSM network in those areas, and then upgrade its other towers afterwards.

Of course, there is a catch to this news. Not every device sold by the carrier supports LTE; just eight of the smartphones sold by the carrier have LTE radios, leaving a majority of their current offerings, and customers, on 4G.

And then there’s this to consider: Once unlimited data is gone, you’ll have a much faster connection on your phone to make up for it, therefore you’re much more likely to purchase data in 1GB increments as you chew through your allotted data.

Viaero Wireless testing LTE service after Verizon rolls out XLTE in rural markets.

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