Windows Mobile 10 is coming, but when?

After my last post went up, a tweet went out linking to an app called Phone Insider. It has the same icon as the Preview for Developers app, and appears to be the app which will migrate interested testers onto Windows Mobile 10 from Windows Phone 8.1 Update.

The app description is short and to the point.

The Phone Insider application provides registered Windows Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft. For more information about registering and becoming a Windows Insider visit

The “Find a Program” button is interesting. Some have guessed this will lead to fast and slow release rings, but it might also lead to firmware updates as well, given the Windows 8.1 Dev Preview debacle that left several users waiting for the Cyan firmware on their Lumia handsets for months after it was released by the carriers. But hey, who really knows?

At this time, only Microsoft employees appear to be able to log into the app, so that doesn’t necessarily debunk my theory that Microsoft will wait to unveil Windows Mobile 10 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That’s less than two months away, in March, providing time for some dogfooding to be done by Microsoft employees. And what better place for the announcement of a new mobile OS?

Perhaps MWC will be reserved for the Lumia 1330 and other Lumia handsets. Thanks again to @Nawzil8! My recollection of the Windows Phone OS announcement locations is a little muddy.

On the other hand, it could be they are already dogfooding a build which is already ready to go for January 21, but have accidentally made the app publicly visible from the Store’s website. Maybe Microsoft will show off Windows Mobile 10 on January 21, and make the bits available shortly after as well. We’ll probably find out more leading up to the big event.

One last guess from me. Windows Mobile 10 preview will likely require the Lumia Denim firmware to be installed on Lumia phones, which would explain the close timing of the release of Denim and the January 21 event. Microsoft even managed to push Verizon into releasing the update before AT&T has begun to distribute it, so that seems significant in my mind.

Nevermind that last bit of guessing. Thanks, @Nawzil8 for the correction! =) 

Here’s to hoping that Windows Mobile 10 is announced on the 21st!

Windows Mobile 10 is coming, but when?

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